Cherish your chebs by

feeling on the first!

Here are some signs and symptoms to look out for when checking your breasts:-

IMG_1437-16-10-18-09-59 (1).jpg


These can be seen or maybe only noticed when touched. Do you have any lumps under your armpit too?

Change in colour

Does your breast look inflamed or red?

Nipple discharge


Any unusual discharge from your nipple.

Size & Shape

Has the size or shape of your breast changed?

Skin changes

Has the skin around your breast area become puckered or dimpling?

Nipple position

Has your nipple become inverted or changed shape?


Have you experienced any pain or discomfort in your breasts which wont go away with pain killers.

If you ever have any concerns, contact your GP.

I have included some helpful website links below.

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