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A Tribute To My Dad

Seeing as my dad would have turned the grand old age of 54 tomorrow (22 January), I thought I would pay tribute to the amazing man he was, and still is in my eyes.

Sadly, I lost my dad nearly 12 years ago when I was the age of 18. He was diagnosed with leukaemia but this was not what caused his death. He had started chemo and the doctors didn't realise he had a bowel infection. He didn't have any white blood cells to fight off the infection so all his organs failed. My dad was admitted to hospital and within 4 weeks, he passed away.

Even when he was in pain, he still managed to make us laugh. This is a true example of his strength and the true hero he was.

I want to touch on some of the things I loved most about my dad:

My dad was my hero, a brilliant dad and very protective of all his children.

Many loved him due to his humour and also his handsome good looks, as he would say. This was true and I could see the effect he had on people.

He once asked me to pick him up from an Indian restaurant. When I got there he ran out, jumped in the car and shouted "go, go, go". I hadn't long passed my test, so I was literally bricking it. He made me believe he hadn't paid and I was the getaway driver. It was when we got home, he told me he did actually pay and was just having me on. This was a typical prank my dad would play on us.

My dad would sit and eat 12 bags of hula hoops and still want dinner. He would often eat this after his dinner too.

His hugs were like being snuggled by a soft, cuddly bear. I knew when he hugged me nothing could hurt me.

His sayings were a hit with everyone. His one liners were often:

"Your mums a hamster and you smell of elderberry wine". I still have no idea to this day why he said this.

"You're a monkey on a stick"


I miss his singing! We would be jamming in the car on the way to Lyme Regis or Wales to UB40 - favourite was red red wine, Boy George and Shaggy.

He used to drop me and my friends off at skating, whilst singing along to Shaggy, it wasn't me! Back then I would cringe but wouldn't change this memory.

How he used to make up words to songs . Nine times out of ten they would be rude.

He was a brilliant roofer and a very good handy man.

My dad loved a bargain on electrical gadgets and extravagant things. He once bought a speed boat and on the side of it was written "make them have it 69". I was around 14/15 when he bought this and it remained in our drive until he passed away.

The pub visits with our dad was always a highlight of our weekends when we were younger. When I could drive, I was his taxi to and from.

His love for banger racing. He used to race on most weekends and we loved watching him. I never forget the time he won the race but they disqualified him because he had binned off the race organisers daughter.

I could tell him anything.

My dad was, and still is the best man I know. I am so grateful to of had 18 years with him. I know he would have been besotted with my daughter and treated her like a princess.

I often say to people that in a way I take comfort in knowing I will always remember him young and I never have to see him grow old and frail. Yes, I saw him at his weakest, and he only left memories for 42 years but I have those happy memories to look back on.

He will always be my hero!!!

Lucy xx


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