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Angel in disguise

Updated: Feb 19, 2018

The day I was diagnosed back in September 2016 was the worse day of my life, but I was very fortunate to have a wonderful lady sat beside me and my husband, who never left my side from start to finish. Her name is Chris and she is a Macmillan Nurse appointed to look after me whilst going through treatment and to say she is an angel is an understatement. I truly believe these professionals do not get enough praise and recognition for the work they do.

To them (certainly Chris) they do not see being an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on as a job, they see it as who they are. I have a few reasons why Chris is my angel and I will never forget how she helped me through the hardest battle of my life.

Chris was at nearly every appointment, as long as she wasn’t helping another patient.

I could call her anytime and she would always give me the answer. If she needed to check with my surgeon or another professional she would always come back to me and ensure I felt comfortable with the answer.

She would visit me when I was having chemo. She didn’t have to do this, but she made sure she would come sit with me to see how I was coping and if I had any questions or worries.

The days I felt low, I could call her and she would always be a great ear for me to vent how I felt. If I didn’t think I could discuss a particular topic with my family, I could always talk to Chris. Every time I spoke with her, I knew I could beat this horrible disease.

Chris made me feel like I could defeat anything and most of all be a strong women.

All my appointments were arranged through Chris, she made sure they were at times which suited me.

She would phone me just randomly to see how I was coping with chemo. Chris always made sure that when she was with me, I was the main focus.

Chris met my daughter Nevaeh on a few occasions and it amazed me how well she coped with Nevaeh asking difficult questions. I guess they are well trained with dealing with these issues but they don’t have to form a relationship with family members.

Chris was there at the beginning of my journey and saw me through to the end. She was the hand that helped me through the storm and she helped me see that storms do not last forever.

I cannot thank her and the Macmillan staff enough for the help and support I received throughout my treatment.

Lucy xxx


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