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Crying over cake!

Do you remember breaking up from school for half term and being relieved you don't need to get up to endure a boring Maths lesson for at least a week. Well nowadays I am lucky to get a lie in past 7am, which comes with the privilege of having a 6 year old daughter.

How times have changed. I love my daughter deeply but as many mums would agree, I cannot wait for half term to finish. The constant bumping of the gums, the lip and also wanting to change my name 100 times over due to the persistent calling of "mum". This half term has been an interesting one for us.

I wanted to share this last week with you and back up my reason for looking forward to the kids going back to school.

It didn't have a scanner on it

Nevaeh has an addiction to sparkly and shiny objects (like a squirrel with nuts). Her usual is a sparkly shoe or hand bag. On this occasion she was very interested in a curtain pole finial, which looked like a crystal ball, therefore can see the attraction. The attraction was enough for her to take it from a display in the shop and place it in her pocket. We found this when we got home and her excuse was "I took it because it was pretty". I explained to her that she can't just take things because they are pretty, she needs to pay for items in the shop. Her response was "well it didn't have a scanner on it, so I thought I could take it". Well, this sent me over the edge (with laughter), which I tried to hide. Children nowadays are so clued up, it's scary.

In order to teach her that robbing from a shop is not allowed, she was taken back to the shop by my husband and made to hand the item back, whilst apologising. Rewind back to the day before she returned it to the shop, the little toe rag had hidden the curtain finial so we couldn't find it, which meant she didn't have to take it back. Of course we found it.

I have had a lot of stick for making her take it back, but I truly believe with this being her punishment , she will not do it again!

I thought she had grown out of it!

Since Nevaeh was big enough to sit in a shopping trolley, she developed a liking to bubble wrap. I can honestly say, I had nothing to do with this and the popping of the bubbles sent me crazy but it did keep her occupied whilst trying to do the shopping.

My friend took her shopping this week and she decided to rekindle her relationship with the bubble wrap! Her pockets were filled and clearly the love was back. She then persisted when I took her shopping but to a new level. She packed her leggings (the bum area) and decided to bum shuffle whilst bumping up and down to make the bubble wrap pop, without hands! That's my girl!!

Six and strops

Nevaeh deserves an Oscar for her starring role 'DIVA'. The closest I can compare her to is Kevin from Kevin and Perry! The strops are so dramatic, even from a simple "no Nevaeh" I get the "you don't love me, I hate this family and I am leaving this family". The arms are going and the face she pulls is of pure hatred but with a smirk like she is going to ruin my life within a minute. This only lasts for about an hour, until she wants something but many parents can sympathise with the stroppy teenage stage of young girls.

Nevaeh will often storm up to her room (every stomp of the stair is like a thunder of lightening), get in her pyjamas and go to sleep. In her little mind, that is a way of getting back at me. To be honest it does because I don't see her much whilst I am working and then she knows if she goes to her room, I won't see her. Very cunning these kids!


Nevaeh is a chocolate/cake addict, therefore you can imagine the uproar when she is told she cannot have cake.

I made a chocolate cake for my birthday and I promised I would save her some, which she would eat when I picked her up after camp. She was naughty on this particular day, so I told her she wasn't having any of it. You would have thought I had chopped her left arm off! The car shook and my eardrums almost burst.

Many parents use a bribe with their kids like, your not going to the park, or your not getting a treat. Mine has always been no chocolate or banned from cake! It works 9 times out of 10 and I just have to ride the storm whilst she is having a diva strop.

Nevaeh is very helpful and loving but like every child she has a diva/dark side. She wouldn't be her without the usual diva strop and how I see it is she knows what she wants. Whether she gets it is another story, but I will allow her to be herself, within reason!

Lucy xxx


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