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"Mummy, you look like an egg with eyes"

I must admit, when I was faced with the ordeal of knowing my dark, long locks would fall out, I did have a moment on the bathroom floor, just sobbing and wishing I was having a horrible dream. On the flip side, I did also make fun of my situation (guessing a defence mechanism) and downloaded a bald app, just to see what I would look like with no hair.

It did not show the complete balding look but it gave me a rough idea of what I would look like for the next 6/7 months. My ultimate fear was that I would have a gigantic head and look like a female version of Megamind.

We all have different coping mechanisms to help deal with difficult situations. Some of us put our serious hats on, some may choose to hibernate and others may choose to use humour as a shield. I chose the latter.

Below, are just a few of the nicknames my close friends and family used:-

My best friend referred to me as a fluffy microphone.

My brother informed me that I looked like a used tennis ball because of the peach fuzz clinging on for dear life on top of my head.

My daughter would tell me off for going out without a hat on "Mummy, you are not going out like that, you have your baldy out".

She also said I should shave the dog and stick his fur on my head and to ask Santa for new hair for Christmas.

If we cannot make fun of ourselves at any stage of our lives, what is the point of existing?

No one is perfect, and if we can laugh at our imperfections and grow to love them, we have already won!


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