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Updated: Oct 12, 2019

If you were granted one wish, what would it be? To become rich, be famous and rub shoulders with the A listers or have a large family.

All I wished for growing up was to become a famous sportswomen, breaking world records! I no longer wish to be a multimillionaire or be that sportswomen (to be fair, my body wouldn’t allow me, I get a sweat on walking up a flight of stairs), the one thing I wish for is to live out my remaining years HEALTHY!!! It’s strange how your hopes and dreams change throughout the years!

I have spoken to many women over the past 3 years who have also suffered breast cancer or other forms of cancer and we all have one thing in common - the wish of health and a long prosperous life. I guess when you look at life from a near death experience, fancy cars and living a lavish lifestyle falls into the abyss. Having that extra time on earth to experience the little things takes priority. Long walks savouring each breath of fresh air become more appealing, I find myself chasing the sunsets and even seeing the beauty in leaves falling from trees!

We take so much for granted, it’s not intentional, we just get wrapped up in society and more often than not, we forget how precious just being here is.

I fell into the trap of taking life for granted. I suffered tragic losses early in my life but I still took my health for granted. Don’t get me wrong, I love a vodka or twelve and my diet is atrocious but it’s not all about that. My mind set has completely altered for the better.

I am currently going through tests which could turn out to be nothing but for us cancer survivors, it could be what we dread the most, secondary or metastatic cancer!

I have my check ups this time of year anyway so it’s a tough time for me and my family but my ONE WISH is to be cancer free and unfortunately, like many other cancer survivors we have the risk (more so than others) of cancer returning or developing a new cancer!

The mental abuse I put myself through each day is a battle between my reality and every possibility!

We are advised to be more vigilant, but in turn, certainly for me, I have become more paranoid and possibly not in-tune with my own body! I know many other women relate to this and we will continue to experience this battle for the rest of our lives but we are not taught how to cope with this growing up.

When a harsh reality hits us like a ton of bricks, human instinct is to face it head on but we sacrifice our mental being to adjust to whatever is thrown at us but this could ultimately be ever lasting. Being positive and having hope is all we have, so I am keeping my chin up and trying to keep the demons from destroying the one thing I can control!

My ONE WISH will continue to be cancer free and along the way I will appreciate every day on this earth whether it be good or bad!

Much love

Lucy xx


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