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I thought it would just be a normal chemo day

Coping with chemo and Covid in my own way

There I was trying to hide and stay silent

Daydreaming of sunning it up on a beautiful tropical island

You amazing girls were chatting away

With one thing in common that we were all here to slay.

Not a person or any creature we all love

But to give breast cancer the ultimate shove

I tried my best to keep my story from you

As I knew what you were all going through

Not because we were all sat in the purple chair

But it was my reoccurrence that I didn’t want to share

I believed I was the elephant in the room

Scared I would bring upon you doom & gloom

I know what it’s like to crave the words ‘you have the all clear’

A Reoccurrence was my ultimate fear

You spotted me sat with my earphones in

Keeping to myself just praying for a win

A conversation about hair brought us together

Along with the experience of northern weather

Wednesday was no longer just a treatment day

We had become friends to help each other along the way

Sharing stories of the good and the bad

Reminiscing the care free days we once had

You didn’t care my journey was your worst nightmare

You were there for me when I thought I couldn’t share

Tragedy has its ups and downs

But with you girls there is no time for frowns

I thank you for accepting me for who I am

I will always be there as the fruit to your jam

Although Cancer made our worlds collide

Our friendship evolves whilst on this crazy ride

Much love

Lucy xx


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