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The other C word!

We are all currently living through unprecedented times right now and for my generation, we have never experienced anything like it!

Adding to the current tragic events of Covid19, I am having my own personal battle against a reoccurrence of cancer! This brings added pressure to adhere to the rules outlined by the government and health professionals because if I don’t and I catch it, I am at high risk of not surviving the virus.

When I was diagnosed the second time around, I never thought I would be battling against two life threatening C’s!

My first diagnosis was 3 years ago and I went through intense treatment for 7 months to kick cancers ass and the care I received was amazing and being truthful, it still is this time around! The staff at the Lilac Centre where I am currently being treated are just angels, they are putting themselves at risk to keep cancer patients receiving important treatment, ironically to save their lives!

Cancer patients need routine and unfortunately the NHS can’t offer this right now due to Covid19. Treatments are being pushed back, we aren’t having face to face meetings with our oncologists which I need to keep me sane, but I know it isn’t practical at the moment. My scans have been pushed back so I am not sure when they will be checking my progress. Scans are an important part of treatment to ensure the drugs they are providing you with are actually doing the job and giving cancer the boot!

My anxiety is already heightened to an unimaginable level, so to have the constant worry of catching the virus imbedded in my brain causes me to question my sanity on a daily basis. I am in isolation but I still have to venture out to have treatment each week. We still have to bring food shopping into the house and the district nurse visits every Monday to change my pic line, so the element of what if consistently attacks my fragile mind!

Sadly, cancer diagnosis is still happening daily and cancer certainly doesn’t discriminate just because Covid19 is taking over the world!

I’m sure you will have seen on the news, cancer patients reflecting on what isolation is actually like because we experience this whilst receiving treatment. We can’t get sick, even a cold could kill us and although Covid19 is new to us, isolation is sort of the norm.

If anything, I hope people will come out the other end of this fully appreciating what they have. Materialistic things are not important right now but seeing your friends and family over FaceTime is the ultimate comfort. We actually care about how each other are doing and when we ask, we truly mean it!

I hope everyone stays safe and well throughout this uncertain time.

Much love

Lucy xx


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