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The shorter the hair, the harder they stare!

Updated: Jan 10, 2018

This is a personal insight into the world of short, short hair. When you have had long hair since you can remember, it is extremely hard to imagine what you would look like sporting a pixie look or even a shaved head. I must admit, I was one of those sceptics who believed I would have a huge head and my face would look out of proportion. To my amazement, when I eventually had the courage to shave my head (cancer treatment dictated this), I realised that my head was a normal size and short hair actually complimented my facial features.

Most of us women are of the disbelief that long hair is more feminine (well that was certainly my outlook), but since having to live with no hair and short hair, you are beautiful with or without it.

I remember the first morning I woke up after shaving my head and thinking I do not need to do my hair today.

Based on a survey carried out in 2012 by the Daily Mail, women will spend an average of 10 days a year doing their hair. The survey also revealed that women will spend at least ten minutes each day devoted to washing and conditioning their hair.

If those statistics were put in front of me when I had long hair, I would have just shrugged them off but now I only spend roughly 2 minutes making it look like I have not just got out of bed, therefore I would much rather spend the time it would usually take me to make myself breakfast or watch TV before work.

Look at the likes of Charlize Theron, she shaved her head for her film role in Mad Max: Fury Road and stated that cutting her hair was a freeing experience. She said that she threw out two black sacks of hair products I have not thrown mine out as I want to keep them for when my hair is a little longer, but it is true that you feel free.

Although the above is a more positive side of short hair, I thought I would also share the problems girls have with choosing a short cut:-

1) As mentioned above, many women want to take the big leap and cut all their hair off but believe they will look like a male version of themselves. So some will take the leap but maybe does not quite look like how they envisaged.

2) Some people may think that you are gay but having short hair does not have anything to say about your sexual orientation. When I have been out with my friends a guy asked me which one was my girlfriend and he did not mean girl-friend.

3) Your neck is exposed in winter, so you need to stock up on scarves.

4) When the weather is very humid and your hair decides to evolve into a large ball of cotton wool.

5) When you want to outgrow your short look but it is at that awkward stage. Your sideburns are as long as your fringe and you look like Bilbo Baggins.

6) You have to be careful with the clothes you choose to wear. I found if I wore a baggy slogan t-shirt, I looked like a teenage boy ready to go skateboarding with his friends.

To balance the debate of short vs long hair, here are a few upsides to having short locks:-

1) You reduce your preening time by at least half.

2) You tend to spend less money, whether it be at the hairdressers or on hair products. Always a bonus when you are not spending your monthly wage on hair products.

3) When it is a windy day, you are not constantly tucking your hair behind your ears or putting it up in a bobble to stop it from getting in your eyes. I used to often eat my hair on a windy day.

4) Women who have very short hair (shaven or pixie cut) will relate to this. When getting out of the shower/bath there is no need to rush to grab a towel to wrap around your head, you can leave it to dry naturally. This is one of my favourite reasons to sport a short hair cut because when I had long hair (waist length), it would take me a month to blow dry and then another month to style.

5) Having short hair certainly shows off your facial features. Many people have said to me they did not realise how big your eyes were when you had long hair or having short hair really shows off your jaw line. So if you want to show off your face, I would opt for a short style.

There is no right hair style or look and in this world we all need to be different in order to make us stand out from the rest. Whether you have a shaved head, short, shoulder length or long locks, remember you are beautiful!!


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