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To the girl who lost her daddy

You were a daddy’s girl who took on so many of his traits, many said you were his mini me. You loved every minute you got to spend with him, even sometimes experiencing a day in the life of a grownup, you would go everywhere with him.

The way he would defend you made you feel invincible and you were so proud to call him daddy! His outlook on life and love for others helped you become the women you are today.

When he first laid eyes on you, he knew he would love you always and protect you. He never in his wildest dreams would have imagined he wouldn’t see you grow into the person you are today. Life has a tragic way of making you face your darkest demons and the one person you wish was here to guide you through it, is no longer present.

You would listen in amazement at his stories and he never held back, he wanted you to know all that he was, whether it be good or bad, he was your daddy!

You looked up to him in many ways, his charisma fascinated all and you felt proud to have a daddy like him.

He taught you to ride a bike, took you places with your siblings where the time with him was just daddy time and he was that daddy who let you play in mud, climb the highest tree and even taught you to stand up for yourself.

When daddy grew his wings, a piece of you left with him. You wanted life to be rewritten so you could have him for even just one more day! The light in your life seemed to dim almost instantly, the sparkle in your eyes faded but the memory of him kept you from falling into the abyss. You wanted that one last cuddle where he would tell you everything would be ok and him speak his wise words to guide you when you messed up.

There was no more protector or sense of security because he was that and so much more. His presence, whether it be in front of you or over the phone would keep you relaxed and push you to go outside your comfort zone. He was a go getter which gave you the confidence to excel.

Every goal you achieve, each new life event that makes you proud, he is no longer there to tell you how proud he is of you, but just know he is there, the memory of his witty ways and his love remains within your heart! He knew he had to teach you from a young age that sometimes life doesn’t always go the route we desire. He never got to complete his life’s work in person, which was you, but he did the hard work whilst you was growing up. Now he gets to sit back and watch you flourish into a strong and independent women who has all the skills to carry on his memory whilst accomplishing a spectacular life.

He may not have been there physically to walk you down the isle, experience becoming a grandfather or growing old gracefully but knowing you will always remember him young, with a thirst for life will give you comfort.

You will get through this, take each day as it comes and remember the memories you shared because they will never leave you. You may not get to hear his voice anymore or receive a loving cuddle from the man who was your everything but what you do have is his heart and memories that will last a lifetime.

Go get the old photos and have a good cry and laugh about the good times.

Much love

Lucy xx


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