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Turning 30 Has Never Looked So Good!

Updated: Jan 10, 2018

In a months time, I will no longer be in the delightful 20's. I will be entering the terrifying 30's, but I can honestly say, I am excited.

Before I had cancer, I expressed on numerous occasions how anxious I was about turning 30. I now appreciate that I am here, on this earth, to experience growing old.

I have put together a few of my own personal pros and cons for turning 30.


1) I get to see my daughter grow up

She already has the mental age of a teenager. God help me when she does eventually turn 13!

2) Become wiser than when in my twenties

I would like to say this will be achievable but I would be kidding myself if I believed I would be any wiser. I am certain that I will still experience those truly horrific embarrassments, but maybe I will know better.

3) Being old enough to remember the 90's

From the release of Titanic, the Wassup advert (I even did the long drawn out wassssssuuuuppppppp whilst writing this), and the making of the best girl band of all time, the Spice Girls.

4) You still have 10 years until you are 40


1) Hangovers last 2 days

In the past, I was able to consume a ridiculous amount of alcohol, mainly shots on a night out and be fresh as a daisy the next day. Now, I will still consume a ridiculous amount of alcohol, thinking I am still 19 but the aftermath is brutal.

2) Getting excited over buying a new hoover or house appliance

3) No longer the young kid in the office

When I started working in Manchester, I was the innocent age of 22. Now, I look around and feel like a pensioner at a rave.

4) Appearance

Yes, all women dread growing old and finding those fine lines and wrinkles, or even the odd grey hair. I remember when I was in my teens and spent hours doing my hair before leaving the house. Now, dry shampoo is my best friend for roughly 3 days each week.

A few months ago, it did cross my mind whether I would reach my 30's but now I can shout and be proud to be entering into a new decade with exciting times ahead. All you can ask for in life is to be healthy, have loyal friends and family who will be by your side, even when the journey is tough.

Lucy x


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